Our Mission

In 2003, Arnprior and District (A&D) NeighbourLink, the first concrete step towards Lois Bogar’s vision for The NeighbourLink Fountain was implemented. A&D NeighbourLink was an office Resource Center from which volunteers answered calls for assistance from people (clients) in the community and connected clients to local helping agencies or church volunteers who would help meet the need. Church volunteers were careful not to duplicate a service provided by a local agency. A&D NeighbourLink became a respected community entity. In 2009, with this aspect of the ministry being well established, Lois, the Board and many volunteers, moved forward and opened the Community Center aspect, The A & D NeighbourLink Fountain. Some volunteers and board members have been on this journey from the beginning and others have joined along the way. It is with the pooled resources of a strong support team from community agencies, the churches and service clubs that the Fountain is able offer so much to people in our community

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"Volunteering at the Fountain –being at the Fountain – is like stepping onto a ‘Reign of God planet’ where everyone is striving to show love and respect towards each person. Giving and receiving are two sides of the one coin – the currency of love."

— Karen Ann McKinna, Resource Center Volunteer